End of Semester


There were several highs and lows of my semester. This semester I was published in the Statesboro Herald and by this time next week I will have completed college all together. A low that I would change is the amount of career fairs I went to. I wish I would have gone to more than I did. I am so close to graduating and I still do not have a job. This has me very worried. I would also have started looking for a job a lot sooner than I did.

When I graduate there are a few things I will take with me into my first job outside of college. I have learned to stop procrastinating. I shouldn’t put anything off that can, and should, be done now. I have also developed a great work ethic over the past four years. This will surely help me in my career. Overall, I have learned a lot during my college career and all of it will prove useful when I finally do land that first after-college job.


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  2. It is scary not knowing what we’re going to do after we graduate. I have an audition lined up but I’m going up against many people just like me. I think you’ll do fine. Especially with a great work ethic. I am a metaphor queen and I always say that graduating from high school into college is like stepping out of a pool into a bigger pool. But graduating from college into life is like stepping out of a bigger pool into an ocean. It’s scary, but we’ll do great! 😀

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