I am a baseball fan. I don’t keep up with it too much, but I love going to and watching games. To entice people to come to a game I would suggests several options. If the team is doing well you do not have to do much enticing to get fans to the games. Promotion is key in these situations. Make sure all fans, even those who don’t keep up with games very much, know how well your team is doing. Encourage them to come out and support their team at the next home game. I would do this through online advertisements, newspaper ads, radio ads, and commercials. Make sure fans know about other activities going on during the game that might tempt them to attend. Always keep the public informed about special deals and promotions going on.

I think that these special deals should be a part of the plan if the team is in a slump. It is more difficult to obtain high attendance at games when your team is not doing well. This is when I would suggest employing special prices or giveaways. One idea would be to allow children under a certain age to attend the games for free. Another idea would be a buy one ticket, get one free deal. You could also hold giveaways on radio shows for listeners to call in and win tickets to the next game. These are all typical ideas that are used, and successful, in several organizations. It is always best to think outside of the box. You will get the most results when you try something that hasn’t been done before. One idea would be to have a type of fundraiser where the public can buy tickets for children in an orphanage or in the hospital. This would raise ticket sales and make unfortunate children happy.


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